AEW Star Samoa Joe Compares Taylor Swift Concerts To Wrestling: “We’ve Been Doing It For Years”

AEW Star Samoa Joe Compares Taylor Swift Concerts To Wrestling:

Samoa Joe has likened the experience that Taylor Swift fans experience at a live show to another passionate fanbase.

As anyone who has seen Taylor Swift perform live or on TV knows, the show is more than a concert, it’s a spectacle. A grand stage, special effects, and a ton of catchy songs to whip the crowd up in a frenzy. Sound familiar?

Wrestling fans who have been to a major show, especially in a packed stadium, will likely experience the same atmosphere and range of emotions that the Swift Army does thanks to the production and pyro and starpower. The major difference is that the Taylor Swift concerts will have less fighting, hopefully.

Speaking with In The Zone, Samoa Joe compared the two stadium-filling experiences and how there are similarities to be drawn between the two:

“I feel like what a lot of Swifties are experiencing, her music is great, but the production and spectacle, we’ve been doing it for years. Any pro wrestling fan who goes to that concert will recognize a lot of the same tactics we use to get the crowd hyped up,”

Professional wrestling has widely expanded into other areas of sports and entertainment over the years, with top stars being used in memes, iconic commentary lines played over viral TikTok clips and sports stars performing iconic poses to celebrate. Joe went on to describe the appeal of wrestling around the world and how he is proud to see it represented in other circles:

“A lot of the mannerisms and things we do in the ring inevitably flow over into pop culture and the regular world. You see athletes and various other celebrities kind of mimicking things we do. I’m very proud of that and always will be. It’s a big part of why pro wrestling is part of Americana. It’s something ingrained in our culture, it’s fun, everyone likes to turn their brain off and suspend disbelief and have a good time. That’s definitely what we provide,”

While discussing All In 2024, AEW President Tony Khan revealed how he has done a favour for Wembley Stadium which will greatly benefit Taylor Swift fans.

Samoa Joe Looks To Become Champion Once Again

The Samoan Submission Machine’s next major match will take place on the final AEW pay-per-view of the year, Worlds End. Joe will be competing in the main event of the show, challenging MJF for the World Championship in Max’s hometown of Long Island, New York. When discussing the upcoming title match, Samoa Joe vows to pummel MJF until he begs to stop.

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