Braun Strowman Reacts To Encounter With WWE Hall Of Famer: “He Knocked Me Loopy”

Braun Strowman

Braun Strowman opened up about sharing the ring with WWE Hall of Famer The Great Khali.

The Greatest Royal Rumble in April of 2018 was the first show to take place as part of WWE’s ten year deal with the Saudi General Sports Authority, and the main event saw Braun Strowman on a path of destruction in Jeddah. Outlasting 49 other men, Strowman won the Greatest Royal Rumble match.

Opening up about the experience in a new interview with The Ranveer Show, Strowman was asked for his honest opinion on WWE Hall of Famer The Great Khali, who also took part in the blockbuster event.

“He’s gigantic. One of the largest human beings that I’ve ever seen. I’ve only been like had the opportunity to be in the ring with him once and it was at the Greatest Royal Rumble. And he hit me with a big chop in the head and just about knocked me loopy, but not loopy enough to not pick his giant bu** up and dump him over the top rope like I did with the other 49 guys in that match.”

“Everyone Gangs Up On Me” – Braun Strowman On Competing In Battle Royals

Continuing, Strowman described the atmosphere in Royal Rumble matches, calling them chaotic. He also admitted that people tend to gang up on him in those sorts of matches as he’s one of the biggest and strongest in the ring.

“It’s chaotic. And I always feel like any time I’m in these multi man matches, everyone gangs up on me. Which, I mean, let’s be real, ‘Why wouldn’t you? Let’s get rid of the biggest, strongest, baddest son of a b*tch out here.’ But it don’t always work out that way for everybody.”

In another recent interview, Braun Strowman defended the decision to have him win tag team gold with Nicholas at WrestleMania 34. Strowman is currently out of action after undergoing neck surgery.

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