Bryan Danielson Addresses Upcoming Retirement: “I Feel The End Coming, But The End’s Not Yet”

Bryan Danielson Addresses Upcoming Retirement:

Bryan Danielson has no intentions of taking it easy in the final months of his in-ring career.

While out with injury, The American Danielson challenged Kazuchika Okada to a rematch at Wrestle Kingdom 18, wanting to defeat The Rainmaker again and to get revenge for the broken arm and orbital bone he suffered in 2023. While most wrestlers would heal up before the monumental clash, Danielson is not like most wrestlers. Instead, he has been competing each week in the Continental Classic tournament.

The physicality has taken its toll on Danielson, who has been through physical and bloody battles throughout the round-robin tournament. Speaking backstage following his latest match against Brody King, Danielson knows that his family will be having words when he gets home:

“Usually you guys catch me while I’m meditating, but I wasn’t meditating because I was getting yelled at by Doc Sampson,” he said. “I know when I get back to the locker room, I’m gonna be getting yelled at from my wife. When I get home tomorrow, my daughter is gonna see me and cry. My son, he’s going to say, ‘Argh! Matey!’ and then try to hit me in the eye, but I know what’s coming. My wife’s going to ask me, ‘Why?’

Danielson continued, stating that his career is not over yet and he always wanted to compete in a tournament like this, making the opportunity too good to pass up:

“The answer is also a question,” he continued. “‘What are you going to do with this one wild and precious life?’ For me, I’m going to fight. That’s what brings me joy. That’s what makes me feel alive and I’ve got it for less than a year now. I can feel the end coming, but the end’s not yet. I’m still in the game. I still have a chance to make it to the semifinals of the Continental Classic.

Do you know how long I’ve wanted to be in a tournament like this? With these men, somebody like Brody King, just going after me knowing I’m hurt and going after me with everything that he’s got. Do you know how much I love that? It might hurt but I love this.”

Bryan Danielson Addresses Upcoming Continental Classic Match

When the AEW Continental Classic line-up was announced, many fans were highly anticipating the inevitable clash between Daneislon and fellow Blackpool Combat Club member Claudio Castagnoli. Also in the promo, Danielson referenced the next Continental Classic match and hopes that Castagnoli targets his injuries.

“Next week, me and Claudio, a man that I’ve known for over 20 years. Do I think that he’s going to go after my eye given that we’re friends, given that we’re teammates? I damn well hope he does. Because that’s how we train in the BCC. Because I don’t want to win this with people going half-assed. If you’re getting in the ring with Bryan Danielson you better give it everything you got because, Claudio, next week, I’m bringing everything I’ve got.”

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