Former WWE Star States That Viral Moment Saved His Life

Former WWE Star States That Viral Moment Saved His Life

Former WWE Superstar Top Dolla reveals what really happened during an infamous match on SmackDown.

Much like Titus O’Neil sliding under the ring at the 2018 Greatest Royal Rumble event, many fans will remember Top Dolla for his dive that went wrong on an episode of SmackDown in December 2022. While attempting a dive to the outside, the Hit Row member got caught on the top rope and fell to the floor. Mocking from fellow stars and commentary would ensue onscreen in the coming weeks, but in hindsight, the failed dive was a literal lifesaver for the wrestler and rapper.

One year on from the fall, a fan posted a video of the spot from SmackDown. Top Dolla, now going by AJ Francis, responded to the video on social media and stated that the reason behind the fall was that he did not feel 100% and went for further tests, later revealing it to be type 2 diabetes, which could have been life-threatening if not discovered earlier:

“The botch saved my life. I made that dive a dozen times before, legs felt off but I didn’t think about it. After I failed I went to the doc & found out I had Type II diabetes & my blood sugar was 626.

I almost lost my life & was about to lose both feet. The botch saved my life.”

Francis would also confirm that this was what led to his weight loss journey and he is in much better health in the present day. In case there was any further doubt from fans, the former SmackDown star also posted a video of himself hitting the dive successfully at an independent show.

Francis’ final match with the company took place in August 2023, when he quickly lost to LA Knight on SmackDown.

Top Dolla Reveals Scrapped WWE Match

As was seen on the following episodes of SmackDown, announcer Michael Cole was relentless with his jabs at the Hit Row member, often referring to him as “Flop Dolla” and bringing up the infamous dive wherever possible. Following his release in September 2023, Top Dolla would reveal that there were plans for himself and Michael Cole to face off inside a WWE ring.